+   Preconstruction Services
  • Contract drawing and specification review
  • Constructability verification and maximization
  • Value Engineering concept identification and quantification
  • Cost estimate preparation and review
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and review
  • Risk / Opportunity analysis
  • Construction operations planning
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+   Management Support
  • Construction operations audit
  • Cost and revenue projections
  • Financial assessment
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule status audit
  • Risk identification, quantification and mitigation
  • Dispute management
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+   Contract Change Administration
  • Change identification
  • Entitlement determination
  • Documentation and notice provisions compliance
  • Equitable adjustment quantification
+   Claims Processing
  • Claims preparation and review
  • Claim validation
  • Documentation and notice provisions compliance
  • Entitlement determination
  • Equitable adjustment quantification
  • Claim preparation, negotiation and resolution
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+   Litigation Support
  • Litigation technical support
  • Expert testimony
  • Industry contacts
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Construction Contract Change Administration
Daubersmith, Inc. | Construction Consulting

Contractors, owners, engineers, and sureties all benefit from good project documents and thorough construction planning. The most desirable results are accomplished when the initial scope of work is well defined, an according project plan is formulated and executed timely, and any required changes are communicated early and fully so as to minimize their cost and time impacts. This combination promotes good working relationships, accurate cost estimates, rational schedules, appropriate risk mitigation, and efficient construction operations -- resulting in economical and timely construction with few surprises.

On most construction projects, however, unforeseen changes are inevitable -- and how the participants communicate, react to, and manage those changes is vital to the success of the project and the ultimate satisfaction of the parties. Projects that carry on without timely change identification, proper notices and documentation, fair entitlement determinations, accurate evaluations of cost and time effects, and timely equitable adjustments to the contract are surely destined to result in wasted time and money -- and the dissatisfaction of all parties involved.

Daubersmith can serve contractors and owners in developing and implementing effective contract change administration processes. When a potential unforeseen change is identified, determination of entitlement is often contentious -- Daubersmith can provide objective entitlement recommendations based on thorough contract document reviews and other pertinent information gathered from the parties. After establishment (or in parallel with determination) of entitlement, Daubersmith can help the client quantify the cost and time effects of the change (or potential change). Cost and time effects may include direct costs, indirect costs, impact costs, decreased schedule activity float, critical path schedule delay, and time related costs.