+   Preconstruction Services
  • Contract drawing and specification review
  • Constructability verification and maximization
  • Value Engineering concept identification and quantification
  • Cost estimate preparation and review
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and review
  • Risk / Opportunity analysis
  • Construction operations planning
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+   Management Support
  • Construction operations audit
  • Cost and revenue projections
  • Financial assessment
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule status audit
  • Risk identification, quantification and mitigation
  • Dispute management
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+   Contract Change Administration
  • Change identification
  • Entitlement determination
  • Documentation and notice provisions compliance
  • Equitable adjustment quantification
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+   Claims Processing
  • Claims preparation and review
  • Claim validation
  • Documentation and notice provisions compliance
  • Entitlement determination
  • Equitable adjustment quantification
  • Claim preparation, negotiation and resolution
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+   Litigation Support
  • Litigation technical support
  • Expert testimony
  • Industry contacts

Construction Litigation Support
Daubersmith, Inc. | Construction Consulting

Even with the employment of good contract documents, thorough planning, competent project management, and timely dispute resolution efforts, participants in a construction project sometimes find themselves involved in disputes that can only be settled by litigation. These unfortunate instances, in which all other contractual remedies have been exhausted and the parties have been unable or unwilling to settle their differences, are costly, time consuming and rarely result in a high level of satisfaction for either party -- no matter who the "winner" or "loser" is. That said, litigation is a reality in construction and those who participate must have good legal representation and be proficient in aggressively protecting their interests.

In situations where litigation is imminent, Daubersmith can provide valuable service to the client and/or the client's legal professionals. Thoughtful and objective contract document reviews, schedule analyses, construction operations studies, financial analyses, claim entitlement and quantification work, risk assessments, and strategy recommendations can all be provided to advocate the client's case. Whether working directly for the client or for the client's legal counsel, Daubersmith can effectively supplement the efforts of both to help "bridge the gap" and put the client in the best possible position to ensure that his or her interests are well protected.